Help us plant a forest in a day #treesfortrees

Help plant 10,000 trees in a single day

At the Heart of England Forest, we love trees – it’s why we’re planning to plant a whole forest in a day. That’s an incredible 10,000 new trees growing right in the middle of England! We’re doing this to raise awareness of the lack of woodland coverage in England. But we need your help.

Simply share a picture or a photo of a tree with #treesfortrees (or #treesfortreesNYC if you are in the U.S.) using any of the options below and we’ll plant a tree for you on 2nd November 2015. It’s as easy as a click, a tap or a tweet – one message and you’ll help make England a greener, more beautiful place.

Plus, one lucky contributor will be selected to name the forest!

So do something amazing today - be a part of the #treesfortrees campaign and watch the virtual forest below grow as we plant your forest on the day.

Share your image today and in return we will plant a tree for you... 

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You can get involved and get England growing again

The below images show the virtual forest growing from your contributions as we plant the forest on the 2nd November. Click the image to see your pictures in full

Watch our #treesfortrees video and see the Heart of England Forest